The right expertise

A background in international commercial law is, of course, the right training for an arbitrator specializing in international commercial disputes. Conway Arbitration comes to the task with decades in the field, supporting clients in corporate actions, negotiations, trials and arbitrations.

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Commercial Contracts

Infrastructure projects benefiting countless Europeans every day got their start in contracts drafted by Shawn Conway and his colleagues. Before the necessary assets can move into place, the right words have to get onto the page, and they have to stand up to both foreseeable and unforeseeable challenges.

Corporate Law

While much of Shawn Conway’s experience has involved working with companies that have been operational for decades, he also has aided many at their inception by organizing their corporate structure. As clients have grown, he has been able to advise them on adapting those structures to their evolving needs. He also has advised on such corporate actions as acquisitions and shareholder buyouts.

Intellectual Property & Licensing

As technology has helped opportunities to proliferate, often via licensing, it also has created situations where the rightful use of a product or process can fall into dispute. This requires advocates, judges and arbitrators to become as well versed as the innovators themselves. Shawn Conway’s intellectual property cases have involved such disparate areas as the processing of jet fuels and the production of a specialized type of concrete.

Joint ventures

Joining forces across countries and companies can be the best and sometimes the only way to accomplish an ambitious objective. To keep expectations aligned and ensure benchmarks are met, joint ventures must be structured realistically and with foresight. Mr. Conway has helped to form multiple joint ventures including a Chinese/Dutch/Belgian alliance. And on the other end of the spectrum, he has facilitated the breakup of a joint venture when it had accomplished its objectives.

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