Conway Arbitration

Conway Arbitration is based in Rotterdam, home to the world’s busiest international harbor and just a short distance from the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague. The firm’s international orientation makes it uniquely qualified to take on arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. 

Conway Arbitration accepts appointments from international arbitration institutes as well as party appointments.

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Shawn Conway

Shawn Conway’s expertise in international arbitration spans four decades, during which he has won significant cases in arbitrations involving companies from all over the world. He obtained decisions that continue to shape EU competition law while representing licensee Eco Swiss China Time Ltd. against Benetton International in arbitration as well as in multiple cases at the Dutch Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice. 

Being admitted to the bar in both the United States (the State of Illinois and the District of Columbia) and the Netherlands (Rotterdam) means Mr. Conway is an expert in both common and civil law. He has represented clients based not only in the United States and Europe, but in the former Soviet republics and throughout the Mideast and Asia as well. Educated in the United States, the Netherlands and Honduras, he is fluent in English, Dutch and Spanish.

Moving beyond his success as a litigator and corporate counsel, Mr. Conway helped to found and lead multiple organizations promoting dispute resolution, including the Court of Arbitration for Art, the Netherlands Mediation Institute and the International Mediation Institute. His dedication to helping companies solve disputes in the most efficient, least disruptive, least costly way possible is well known in institutes and C-suites around the world.

Mr. Conway publishes frequently and lectures at several law schools. 

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The dream of an international life becomes a global practice

Conway Arbitration has its roots in Shawn Conway’s youthful ambition of living and working internationally. As someone educated in three countries, fluent in three languages and licensed in three legal jurisdictions, Mr. Conway has become a highly regarded international arbitrator whose skill in resolving complex international disputes is highly prized.

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